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strike indicator / bobber

This versatile Bobber / strike indicator comes in two popular sizes and can be used by fly fishers or spin casters.  It is high riding and easy to see- never needs floatant or drying, adjusts quickly and easily without slipping, and casts beautiful. 

Unlike others it needs NO tools or torque wrenches to install on leaders or lines from 25lb.-7X.  It won't slip, kink, or damage your line like others.  A user friendly custom thumb screw (patents pending) locks the Under-Cator onto your leader or line securely and easily!

This strike indicator/bobber has gone through extensive guide testing and trials on both still waters and rivers for over a year. It is the most innovative and versatile of its kind available. 

Item NameSize / DiameterColorsQuantity per pack
Bobber/strike indicator

Large: 1''

Small: 3/4''






5pcs in 5 colors each pack



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