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Customer Voice

With 12 year’s development, LeiChi has earned high reputation around the world especially for our exclusive fly fishing product range.

-By Vadim, USA

We have been working with Leichi for over 5 years now and have always been impressed with their quality control and wide product range. They have new products almost every week. I am very excited to see them bring the professionalism into the market.

-By Justin Harding,USA

This company is great to work with and has great customer service. Thanks for everything Hawking!

-By Troy A Knutson, France

Lily: I received my reels and fly boxes today and all the products exceeded my expectations. What great products. I will certainly be putting in more orders. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to ensure I received these reels. If you have a comments page, I would love to comment on it about the quality of the reels. They certainly exceeded my expectations. Sincerely Troy A Knutson

-By Vadim, USA.

Congratulations on the new site! It has become more beautiful and more convenient:)

-By Fernando Silva – Miami, USA

I was pleased to find that the quality of Chinese products has really improved in recent years. Leichi offers a really competitive price on all of their products.

-By Paul Arthur–Auckland, New Zealand

Super fly fishing gears, super supplier. Fast response time and very professional support team.