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downrigger line release clip J002

downrigger line release clip J002

This clip works well when trolling large lures for fish such as Kingfish, Cobia, Mackeral and Tuna, as well as Trout, Yellowbellyand other Freshwater Species.   
The  release clip is one of  the most popular line release for all  downriggers. If you are wanting to troll live baits such as Yellowtail, Slimey Mackeral, Pike, Bonito, large Squid or even Small Striped Tuna, then this is the release clip for you.     
heavy NYLON COATED leader with  SNAP.     
rubber jaws for maximum grip on line.    
NUMBERED Tension adjuster that can ADJUST the amount of tension if required!    
Streamlined design for easy and straight trolling. 


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